Synology has recently unveiled the latest BeeStation, a personal cloud storage solution designed for individuals who prioritize simplicity and user-friendly experiences without needing to pay a subscription fee.

Synology BeeStation featured

With BeeStation, users can start up their personal cloud straight away alongside a built-in 4TB hard drive that gives ample storage capacity to store or back up work documents, personal files, photos, and so on. The associated web, desktop, and mobile applications also offer a smooth experience in managing and accessing files from any location.

Moreover, BeeStation enables users to easily create private storage spaces for each of their family members to ensure that individual privacy is maintained.

Synology BeeStation 1

On top of that, the automatic backup function of photos/videos from iOS and Android devices provides a protection layer for users’ most important memories, while the AI-powered photo organizer streamlines the management of the entire photo library to make it more convenient to find specific images or albums.

Plus, the advanced capabilities of BeeStation include backing up files from Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and connected USB drives for users to always have a duplicate of their crucial data.


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