Synology is showcasing a range of innovative data management and protection solutions at the Synology Solution Exhibition 2024. Three major product lines take center stage:

Synology Unveils Cutting-Edge Solutions at 2024 Exhibition 1

  • ActiveProtect Data Protection Appliances: Designed for ease of use, ActiveProtect eliminates complex setup and simplifies data protection. Organizations can be up and running in under 10 minutes, with a unified interface managing multiserver and multisite deployments. Advanced features like global deduplication and immutability offer best-in-class backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

Synology Unveils Cutting-Edge Solutions at 2024 Exhibition 3

  • GS Series Scale-out Data Storage: The GS series delivers a highly scalable and efficient storage solution. GS clusters can accommodate up to 96 nodes, supporting massive raw storage capacities and a multitude of concurrent connections. Built for non-disruptive operations and data integrity, the GS series simplifies storage management for businesses and large organizations.

Synology Unveils Cutting-Edge Solutions at 2024 Exhibition 5

  • C2 Surveillance Station: Synology expands its video surveillance ecosystem with C2 Surveillance Station and companion C2 cameras. These solutions enable rapid deployment in challenging environments, with secure cloud recording and comprehensive privacy features. Edge AI processing ensures fast and localized detection of people,vehicles, and intrusions.

Synology’s Commitment to Innovation:

“Synology’s ongoing innovation empowers users to navigate today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape,” stated Synology Founder and Chairman Philip Wong. “Our commitment to data storage, processing, and harnessing solutions positions our users as future market leaders.”

Beyond the Headlines:

Synology Unveils Cutting-Edge Solutions at 2024 Exhibition 7

The Synology Solution Exhibition also highlights significant updates to existing products. This includes:

  • Synology AI Console: Centralized management for Office Suite GenAI integration
  • Synology Tiering: Optimized hot and cold data storage for large deployments
  • Surveillance Station Enhancements: New fisheye camera, variable zoom camera, and support for third-party devices

Synology’s commitment to innovation across data management, protection, and surveillance solutions is evident at the 2024 Exhibition. Their focus on ease of use, scalability, and security positions them as a leader in the evolving digital landscape.


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