Innodisk recently showcased its expansion into environmental technology at Computex 2024 with the unveiling of iCAP Air. This air quality management system empowers businesses to tackle indoor air quality concerns, promote sustainable practices, and ultimately create a healthier work environment.

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iCAP Air leverages Innodisk’s expertise in edge computing and software/hardware integration. This, combined with the air quality detection technology of their subsidiary, Sysinno, results in a comprehensive air monitoring system equipped with advanced technology.

At the heart of iCAP Air lies the iAeris7 sensor, developed by Sysinno. This sensor offers accurate detection of a range of environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, fine and coarse particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10), carbon dioxide (CO2), formaldehyde, and total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs). Businesses can further customize the system to detect additional air pollutants like NO2 and SO2 based on their specific needs. The iAeris7 boasts reliability, patented technology, and various international certifications, ensuring data accuracy and sensor durability.

Beyond the sensor technology, iCAP Air includes the “iCAP Air Server.” This server manages data from up to 100 sensors simultaneously, ensuring seamless integration even in complex environments with numerous sensors deployed across a large facility.

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Furthermore, iCAP Air offers a user-friendly platform accessible via mobile app or web browser. This platform allows organizations to view real-time air quality data. Additionally, it provides automatic alerts and features for optimizing air purification or ventilation systems based on the collected data.

By simplifying air quality management, iCAP Air becomes an ideal solution for medium to large-sized sites like hospitals, factories, and public transportation hubs. Innodisk’s iCAP Air demonstrates their commitment to leveraging technology for positive environmental impact and promoting better air quality in commercial and industrial settings.


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