Renowned for their focus on quiet operation, be quiet! unveiled two new PC cases at Computex 2024: the Light Base 900 and Light Base 600. Both the Light Base 900 and 600 offer spacious interiors that can accommodate high-performance components. The Light Base 900 supports ATX motherboards, while the Light Base 600 provides compatibility for ATX and Micro ATX options.

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Beyond the stunning visuals, the Light Base series boasts a flexible orientation design that allows users to mount the motherboard in a traditional vertical position, or rotate it 90 degrees for a horizontal layout. This flexibility caters to users who prioritize aesthetics and want to showcase specific components, especially users with a custom water-cooling setup.

Despite the emphasis on visuals, be quiet! hasn’t strayed from its core value of functionality. The Light Base series employs a separated chamber design that effectively separates the power supply, drives, and cables from the main compartment housing the motherboard and other components.

This promotes a cleaner internal aesthetic and potentially improves airflow within the case. Both cases come equipped with pre-installed Pure Wings fans, known for their quiet operation, ensuring efficient cooling. Additionally, the cases support the installation of radiators up to 360mm in the front panel, enabling users to incorporate powerful liquid cooling solutions.

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The Light Base 900 FX variant includes pre-installed ARGB LED strips strategically positioned along the front and side panels. These strips offer the opportunity to add customizable lighting effects and create a unique visual atmosphere within the case. The standard Light Base 900 offers the same case design without the pre-installed LED strips, allowing users the flexibility to incorporate their own lighting solutions or maintain a more understated look.

Availability & Pricing

According to be quiet!, the Light Base series will be available in stores later this year, likely in September or October.

  • Light Base 900 (standard): $179.90 (USD) / €169.90 (EUR)
  • Light Base 900 FX (with ARGB): $229.90 (USD) / €219.90 (EUR)
  • Light Base 600 (standard): $184.90 (USD) / €174.90 (EUR)
  • Light Base 600 LX (with ARGB): $194.90 (USD) / €184.90 (EUR)



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