Colorful has been making waves in the PC hardware scene lately, and their latest innovation, the Neptune Series PC, certainly made a splash at Computex 2024. This unique design earned the prestigious “Best of Computex 2024” award, and it’s easy to see why.

Colourful unveiled new open-frame Neptune Series PC at Computex 2024 1

The Neptune PC takes the open-air chassis concept, favored by enthusiasts for its easy component access, and adds a clever twist. While remaining fully open and customizable with a planned barebones option, the chassis incorporates a neatly integrated full-cover water block.

This means most components are hidden from view, leaving only the memory modules, radiator fans, motherboard I/O ports, and the custom GPU waterblock visible for that flex.

The solid metal frame with a brushed metal finish creates a sleek and futuristic aesthetic for the Neptune PC. Colorful highlights that the CPU and other critical components hidden within the chassis benefit from a liquid cooling solution.

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Colorful understands that users have varied preferences. To cater to this, they plan to offer the Neptune Series PC in two configurations:

  • Pre-built versions – Equipped with top-of-the-line components, including an Intel Core i9 processor, an iGame Z790D5 Neptune i92T motherboard, and a generous 2TB of SSD storage.
  • Barebones version – Highly customizable and offer users the freedom to select hardware that perfectly aligns with their budget and requirements.

Production for the Neptune PC is expected to begin later in Q3 of 2024, but with limited quantities. While no pricing information is currently available, we’ll be sure to update this article with any new information from Colorful as it becomes available.


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