Last week, Synology hosted a small event and invited us media to learn about the various data management and protection software feature sets just before the big World Backup Day of 2024.

Synology Media Gathering 2024 2

Even if we don’t take in the brand’s impressive 50% market growth last year, Synology has also surged in popularity as demand for its services, particularly those from SMBs and enterprises, was more than 20%.

Coupled with government initiatives pushing for safer industrial and enterprise-level computing by allocating more budget towards IT security, Synology themselves are pretty confident in the way they offer their solutions, particularly a “no subscription” software approach to allow every owner to utilize its products to the fullest without long-term cost.

Synology Media Gathering 2024 4

Thanks to them, they also demonstrated a couple of powerful features like Active Backup Suite and Snapshot Replication with the former allowing file backups with a large degree of flexibility such as when and how to backup and synchronize frequently accessed content while the latter enables bit-perfect restoration of a folder or up to the entire machine which is one of the most sought after disaster recovery tool.

For enterprise-level hardware, Synology also offered the choice to create an Immutable Backup. Instead of allowing admins and even root system access to manage backup snapshots and such, Immutable Backups are completely impervious to modifications – Think of it as the permanently frozen system restore point you can always rely upon without losing it due to human interaction.

Synology Media Gathering 2024 3

Other notable safety measures include the demonstration of Secure SignIn which is basically the “Click this button on your phone instead of typing password for verification” protection. Although they didn’t showcase OTP and real hardware security keys, Secure SignIn included those as well for the full vault-like protection program (Minus the lasers of course).


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