Synology’s latest exhibition event, Synology Solution Day 2023, has concluded at the Sheraton Hotel in Petaling Jaya.

Synology Solutions Day 2023 2

Showcasing the plethora of data management solutions in categories of data storage, backup, business productivity, and surveillance, the brand has pitched the theme of increasing demand of generative AI leading to the rise of the importance of raw data to a new high which comes with its share of security risk and capacity issue.

Therefore, their range of products is designed to tackle that challenge through agile private and hybrid cloud data management solutions which will benefit companies from small-scale to multi-nation powerhouse players.

Synology Solutions Day 2023 3

Synology also made one fact clear – backups are not enough to drive business continuity level to the maximum instead, multiple factors need to be factored in and implemented like comprehensive coverage, routine drilling, and if possible, a full set of disaster recovery solutions to quickly jump back to optimal levels of operation.

Hence, they also shared on how to build a proper backup and disaster recovery plan without breaking apart one’s IT department budget.

Additionally, various private cloud solutions focusing on remote collaboration and cross-platform data access are demonstrated to show off their capabilities in accessibility and usability. With Synology’s teased information of augmenting their products with generative AI juice, more control of organizational data will soon be delivered to clients around the world.


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