Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Keluarga Berhad (“Takaful Malaysia” or “Takaful  Malaysia Keluarga”), the FIRST takaful operator in Malaysia, today unveiled KAOTIM, a new digital platform and brand managed by Takaful Malaysia. KAOTIM, Takaful Malaysia’s latest addition to enhance insurance and takaful mobility, is a digital initiative to provide a secure and enhanced customer experience and streamlined administrative processes that enable customers to enjoy a hassle-free and speedy subscription process. The online straight-through platform offers MediKad, an all-in-one and low-priced medical coverage plan for Malaysians.

Present at the launch of KAOTIM were the Group Chairman of Takaful Malaysia, Dato’ Mohammed Hussein;  Chairman of Takaful Malaysia Am (the General Takaful arm of Takaful Malaysia Keluarga), Ismail Mahbob; the  Board of Directors of Takaful Malaysia Keluarga and Takaful Malaysia Am; the Shariah Advisory Body; Group  Chief Executive Officer of Takaful Malaysia, Nor Azman Zainal; Chief Executive Officer of Takaful Malaysia Am,  Mohamed Sabri Ramli and the Senior Management of Takaful Malaysia.

Nor Azman Zainal, Group Chief Executive Officer of Takaful Malaysia, said, “Today’s launch of KAOTIM indicates our strategic effort to strengthen our presence in the digital insurance and takaful sphere and meet the fast-evolving demands and expectations of customers. KAOTIM reinforces our commitment to putting customers at the forefront of our business and transforming to deliver next-generation customer experience. Spearheading the  digital initiative, we step to the fore to be a leading digital player in the insurance and takaful industry and fulfil the long-term aspiration towards digitalising the financial services industry, the digital wave in the insurance and  takaful sector, which aligns with the national directive to enhance economic competitiveness and dynamism for  the growth of the digital economy.”

“The introduction of KAOTIM underpins our strategic move to reinforce our retail direct business and gain new customers, enabling seamless online transactions to suit evolving lifestyles. We are delighted to achieve another key milestone in our business, leveraging our digital capabilities and diversified touchpoints to ensure that we continue to offer personalised customer solutions and meet consumer behaviour, which has transformed over time, driven by technological advancements and diverse needs. Through innovative technology and a vibrant brand identity, KAOTIM is set to be a key differentiator based on customer value propositions, giving Takaful  Malaysia an edge and customer affinity. With the launch of KAOTIM, we introduce MediKad, a cost-effective medical coverage plan with greater savings from as low as RM38 per month to meet the medical protection needs of different age groups,” said Nor Azman Zainal.

MediKad provides cashless admission to panel hospitals in Malaysia, unlimited hospital admission days on room and board, and daily income for admission to Government hospitals. Offered to Malaysians between the ages of six (6) and sixty-nine (69) with a coverage period of up to eighty-five (85) years old, customers can choose from three (3) different plans with an optional rider, MediBooster, according to their coverage needs and are immediately covered after completing a four-step online enrolment and a simple medical questionnaire, without having to undergo a medical check-up.

“Customers can sign up for MediKad online via KAOTIM, anytime, anywhere, and complete the transaction in a  few minutes with just a few clicks and get covered within the day. We leverage the lower transaction cost of the digital platform to deliver a better pricing and accessible takaful plan to the market. This is part of our holistic digital plan to attract new customer segments directly and better serve Malaysia’s growing population while enhancing the financial resilience of customers whose medical coverage is inadequate or high-priced. This is also part of our initiative to help cushion the impact of high medical costs faced by Malaysians by offering an affordable medical coverage plan,” said Nor Azman Zainal.

“Accessibility and agility are everything in today’s era. Hence, we want to provide customers with a seamless,  efficient, and convenient experience through KAOTIM and bring them closer to us anywhere they are. KAOTIM offers a digital customer journey that makes a comprehensive, low-cost medical coverage plan more accessible,  enabling fast and user-friendly processes to allow customers to achieve financial security and peace of mind. The launch of KAOTIM and the introduction of MediKad today, in conjunction with our 39th anniversary, made it even more meaningful. Let this be part of our journey as we take a step further to strive towards strengthening our foothold as a leading Islamic financial institution to stay relevant, competitive and dynamic in the insurance and takaful industry,” said Nor Azman Zainal in conclusion.


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