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In today’s digital age, our lives have become increasingly intertwined with technology. We rely on our computers, smartphones, and other devices to store and manage a vast array of important files and data.

But when’s the last time you actually backed up something because you’re afraid of losing them?

While the well-known ‘3-2-1 Backup Strategy’ of having at least 3 copies of critical data on 2 different media with one of them being off-site, not a lot of people especially casual users adhere to this ruleset, and when something bad does happen, bam – no way of recovering them forever.

As such, it Is important to keep copies of your files and memories safe in addition to sensitive digital data always with you yet one of the reasons that people run into is the hassle of backing up files regularly being troublesome or time-consuming.

But what if all of those things are being automated?

Well, that’s what today’s guest – the Synology BeeDrive – is created to provide both convenience and the good practice of regular backup to the mass public.

What is a personal backup hub?

Synology BeeDrive ADV 1

To answer that question, a backup hub is essentially a device or solution that keeps the user’s data safe from unauthorized access or modification so that in the event of active copies going haywire, the backup data can be used to quickly recover damages.

Adding the term ‘personal’ then you’ll get the former concept being adapted into a product designed and priced around an individual scope.

Just click and backup, no technical knowledge is required

Synology BeeDrive ADV 0

One of the main goals of the BeeDrive is to eliminate any sort of technical requirements so that any people who can operate a computer can do so in a similar fashion too.

As such, all you have to do is to define which folders to backup from your computer then BeeDrive will automatically replicate them into the drive as soon as any changes such as adding/removing a file while retaining up to 5 different past versions in cases of accidental overwrites.

Seamless sync

Synology BeeDrive ADV 2

Ever have the experience of leaving the latest proposals or projects at the home computer and forgetting to bring it to work?

Fear not, the BeeDrive is designed with the same level of seamless backups, and updates are given to file syncing as well so no matter you’re plugging it into a home or work machine, your files will be updated to the latest version so you can immediately use them.

Multi-platform support

Synology BeeDrive ADV 4

Aside from moving files from your PC to BeeDrive, you can also move files directly from your iOS or Android device into it by utilizing the BeeDrop app.

Since it needs a power source to operate, you’ll still need to plug it into a desktop or laptop and have BeeDrop installed in that machine as well. Afterward, hit up the BeeDrop app on your smartphone, pair it with a simple QR code, and you’re good to go!

For more information or instructions on BeeDrop, check out the video below.

Mindless and worry-free backups

Synology BeeDrive ADV 3

In summary, the Synology BeeDrive is a product that really emphasizes the idea of personal backup hub that can keep your files clean and protected at all times, especially in the digital era where data privacy is one of the most crucial aspects to tackle.

You may find out more information about Synology BeeDrive through the following link.

And you can enjoy all of these worry-free!

And when I say worry-free, it isn’t just about this. As everything is stored locally and does not even rely on Synology’s backend services one bit, you can kiss goodbye to all those subscription-based cloud storages and save money in the long run.

Interesting in getting one? There’s good news! You can nab one yourself via the currently-live preorder on Synology’s Shopee and Lazada stores, available in capacities of 1TB and 2TB.

Follow the links down below for your preorder platform of choice.


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