Yet another child created by seasoned overclocker Der8auer, Noctua has released the new NM-DD1 dedicated to the group of IHS-less AMD AM5 CPUs.

Noctua NM DD1 2

Available for purchase at the price of EUR4.90 or 3D-printable by anyone with the STL files, this mounting spacer kit will be the core components to fully realize the potential of the AMD Ryzen 7000 series processors that have been delidded as without the heat spreader, there could be extra pressure causing damage to the CCDs if not done properly.

By using this NM-DD1 in conjunction with the AM5 offset mounting bars announced not long ago, one can achieve 15°C lower temps which can bring benefits of either quieter and cooler operation or higher thermal headroom for better boost clocks.

You may apply for a purchase through this order form right now.


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