After so many years, after so many requests, the king of CPU air coolers is back. Let’s welcome the Noctua NH-D15 G2.

Noctua NH D15 G2 1

Poised to maintain its position as the best CPU air cooler, the second generation implements a total of 8 heatpipes as opposed to the original’s 6 as well as asymmetrical fin-stacks tuned through countless hours of R&D work that pairs with the new speed-offset NF-A14x25r G2 PWM fans.

As a modern product, the enhanced compatibility is done through the offset construction to give full clearance to the top PCIe x16 slots on most motherboards so you have no problems fitting a chonky GPU to create the Gigachad rig of 2024. And of course, the Torx-based SecuFirm2+ multi-socket mounting system is here to stay as well as the NM-SD1 screwdriver and NT-H2 thermal compound.

Noctua NH D15 G2 2

Refined to be the true successor of a great era, there are way too many unique points that Noctua listed for this state-of-the-art creation which I’ll summarize for you down below (excluding those above mentioned):

  • Smaller form factor – 9mm less heatsink depth compared to the original
  • Even more fins – Fin spacing reduced from 1.9mm to 1.6mm, resulting in 23 extra fins and 20% more total fin surface area, the width of front fin stack cut by 5mm
  • Super high wattage rating – Designed to tackle CPUs with 250W++ TDP
  • Reduced CPU Deformation on LGA1700 – The addition of 1mm shim washers under the socket’s Independent Loading Mechanism lowers the pressure exerted onto the CPU, 2-3°C lower temperature in selected cases
  • Enhanced RAM Compatibility – At least 59mm clearance for RAM when operating in single fan mode, allowing even the most high-end modules to be installed with no problem (32mm clearance for dual fan mode)
  • Offset fan speeds – When operating in dual fan mode, both fan units operate at different speeds for reduced noise
  • Big PWM range – From 300RPM to 1500RPM, the choice is yours. 0% PWM is also possible for no noise during idle
  • Low-Noise Adaptors – 2x units are given to each NH-D15 G2 retail package for reducing the maximum fan speed to 1300RPM
  • Great component cooling – It also allows parts like VRM and motherboard heatsink to benefit from the strong air flow draw
  • Offset Mounting Option – Optional offset mounting bars for AMD AM5 that target the CCD dies more directly
  • Legacy Support – LGA1366 and LGA655 is supported via the NM-I3 mounting kit
  • Soldered interface – Fins are soldered instead of press-fitted for better longevity

Price and Availability

The Noctua NH-D15 G2 goes for US149.95 and is available on Amazon across several regions. Click here to pick your own Amazon site to get one right now.


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