Zenless Zone Zero, the upcoming urban fantasy ARPG, gets ready to launch with a bang! They’ve teamed up with the Grammy-winning DJ Tiësto to create “ZENLESS,” the game’s debut music track.

This electrifying collaboration blends Tiësto’s signature big-room beats with Lucas & Steve’s future house style, along with sound effects from the game itself. The result? A soundtrack that perfectly captures the excitement and adventure of Zenless Zone Zero.

The music video, now available on major platforms like YouTube, showcases the game’s vibrant world and unique characters, further immersing players in the experience. This is Zenless Zone Zero’s first global music collaboration,aiming to blur the lines between music and gaming.

Get ready to explore the dangerous Hollows and unravel the mysteries of New Eridu when Zenless Zone Zero launches on July 4th! The game will be available on PlayStation 5, PC, iOS, and Android.

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