It’s a weird time to be alive – but we can already see it coming from a few years ago. Back in Computex 2018, Noctua already showed off one of the accessories that can be installed on a 120mm fan and converted it into a desk fan. A very effective desk fan, actually. But it’s still in the concept phase at that time.

Fast forward to 2024 (a whole 6 years later!), Noctua has announced an entire family of devices that aims to make use of the powerful Noctua fans for your daily cooling instead – suitable for home, office, and everywhere else. I mean, it’s relevant since the temperature nowadays is crazy.

It's real - Noctua HOME is now official 1

The Noctua HOME compromises of two, complete ready-to-use fan sets and 9 more modular accessory products. The one thing that was shown back in Computex 2018 is now known as the NV-MPG1.

The whole idea consists of a few parts. The fan is mounted on a pivoting stand and can then be mounted on walls or ceiling (!!!), or anywhere suitable. Then, the fan is mounted with the NV-AA-12 airflow amplifier (that funnel-looking thing) and that cap enhances the airflow. As of now, this airflow amplifier is only compatible with 120mm fans.

It's real - Noctua HOME is now official 3

From what we’ve experienced back in Computex 2018, that cap redirects the airflow into a spiraling, conical airflow and we stood about 2 meters away and yet the air is still very strong. It was an astonishing experience when the wind blew at my face.

Of course, these fans are made for PCs. To have them work outside of a PC, the power needs to be converted. Noctua also sells the NA-FH1 8-way fan hub to be plugged into a power supply that converts the mains electricity into the suitable 12V voltage for the fans.

The other accessories sold by Noctua within the Noctua HOME series are gaskets and differently-colored pads anti-vibration pads around the four corners of the fan where the screws are located.

The prices are as such:


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