Even though online media has been banking on the idea that AMD’s upcoming RDNA 4 is just a “fix” to RDNA 3’s fundamental problem that delivers a relatively smaller level of architectural changes and thus not a “true” generational leap, that’s not stopping Team Red from working hard on it though because they got snitched by a stealthy code update of the driver repository.

Spotted by Phoronix, the amount of code being crammed into GFX12 aka TDNA 4 to the Mesa open-source graphics library pretty much signifies that new GPUS are going to launch pretty soon.

Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 7900 GRE review 8

However, we are still far from knowing whether RDNA 4 will be the saving grace that AMD needs to recapture its ever-dripping market share since long-time rival NVIDIA has already showcased the inhumane performance its upcoming Blackwell architecture can do.

But judging from recent talks about Blackwell consuming so much power that it is rumored post-Blackwell architecture Vera Rubin will be prioritizing the efficiency game, so perhaps AMD could spike some consumer interest with actual, power-efficient GPUs.

And given the current global economy trend that suppresses buying power in general, some RDNA 4 mid-range GPU could be the one thing that rekindles the idea of a budget gaming rig, partly due to how Team Green and Jensen massacred the 60s cards of the RTX 40 family with lacking VRAM capacity and all.

So do we let AMD cook? Absolutely. Will they impress us? That’s a TBA.

Source: PC Gamer, Tom’s Hardware


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