How Samsung should dispose their recalled Galaxy Note7 3

After all the fiery hoo hah with the Samsung Galaxy Note7, just a few days ago some rumours begin to surface regarding that Samsung is going to refurbish the Note7 with a smaller 3000 mAh battery and resell it at emerging markets such as India and Vietnam.

As per reported by Samsung, the cause of the exploding batteries was due to manufacturing defects, hence, by replacing the battery itself should solve the problem. However, cleaning a tainted name – “Note7”, is not as easy as replacing the battery.

Chances are, even if the refurbished Note7 indeed works well with a new smaller battery, a large group of the consumers might not be willing to own a used-to-be time bomb.

However, Samsung has to look for any possible options to recuperate the lost from the hardware as well as minimising the environmental impact with all those millions of Galaxy Note7. Not to mention the warehouse cost for storing all those phones.

What do you think? Should Samsung refurbish the devices or sell the components to other OEMs as spare parts. Otherwise, how about this wild idea of refurbishing and rebranding it as Samsung Galaxy Note6? After all, it could be a curse for skipping “that” number.


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