After the recent price leak on Fry’s electronics, it has come to our attention that AMD will be officially announcing its Ryzen 7 CPU later (February 23rd) at 3:00 AM Malaysian time (Feb 22nd 7:00 PM GMT), while the remaining Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 3 will be coming later next month.

Reviews from renown tech sites around the world will be available as soon as the NDA is lifted and can be use as a reference before making any purchase. Price wise, the official SRP for the APAC region has been spotted on
According to, stocks for the AMD Ryzen 7 CPU are already available in Malaysia and is available for purchase after the official announcement. The listed price for Ryzen 7 1800X (RM 2,599), Ryzen 7 1700X (RM 1,899) and Ryzen 7 1700 (RM 1,599) is inclusive of GST. 
In addition, it has been confirmed the Ryzen 7 1700, only the lowest among all three Ryzen 7 CPU will have a Wraith Spire 95W cooler included.