The new 442.19 NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready driver has been released and optimizations for Zombie Army: Dead War 4, Apex Legends: Season 4 and Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story alongside G-SYNC compatibility verifications for 3 new monitors.

GeForce 442.19 WHQL Game Ready Driver

Geforce 442.19 Whql Zombie Arms 4: Dead War

Although Metro Exodus already has Ray Tracing and DLSS (Deep Learning Supersampling) within the core game, the new driver provides these features for the new expansion as well for stunning global illuminations and crisp reflections.

3 New G-SYNC Supported Monitors

3 monitors have been certified and support G-SYNC starting with this driver, particularly the ASUS VG259QM, Dell AW2521HF, and LG 34GN850 and provides more flexible choices for gamers to pick the perfect display.

Other notable improvements are made for the Max Frame Rate feature that has a range of 20 to 1000 FPS now and VRSS (Variable Rate Supersampling) that enhances VR games can now be toggled from the Global tab and apply automatically to all supported games.

You can get the latest driver now through GeForce Experience or download it manually on NVIDIA’s website.


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