Ubisoft has announced details about For Honor’s Year 4 Season 1 which will arrive at Playstation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on February 6. While the Year 2020 is named “Year of Reckoning” the theme of the 1st season is actually “Hope”, a contrast against Year 3’s gloomy and downbeat style.

For Honor has been through lots of hardships since its release during 2017. It has a high skill ceiling gameplay with lots of tactics and details to pay attention to. It was criticized for the amount of grinding needed for unlocking heroes, clocking in around 120 to 250 hours of gameplay for the full set, while its microtransactions offer an easier path. As more content is added, the grinding game becomes longer and worse. At least more flexible microtransaction packages are available now, which is a good thing?

The “Year of Reckoning” continues the lore which after Year 3 “Year of the Harbinger” conflicts arise from cataclysmic events all factions are coming to a truce. Despite reasons to fight are essential to a war game especially one with a medieval setting, Season 1 will be focused on collecting weapons and armors with ceremonial designs and light colors reminiscence of the eastern style armories.

Hi Battle Pass, Bye Year Pass

Hope of Year of Reckoning

The introduction of Battle Pass taking over Year Pass for Year 4 is a refreshing take for the game as rewards are fixed within tiers of achievement instead of random drops at the end of each round. The days where luck simply screws you over regular loots while your squad gets the good stuff are gone. The Battle Pass has 100 tiers of rewards and tracks 2 forms of progress: Free and Premium. Free track provides access to new ornaments, color swatches, embossings, steels and more, while Premium track lets you acquire new weapons, executions, signature, etc.

Two new heroes join the fray, but who are they?

On the subject of new heroes, 2 will be released during Year 4 and a timeframe has been given: 1 during Year 4 Season 2 and another 1 during Year 4 Season 4. It is unclear for now who are they, their factions and even the roles. All we can do now is wait for further announcements.

A few changes to look forward to

Ubisoft is also making some tuning and adjustments to the core player base and the competitive scene. Such changes include balance patches across heroes and game modes, focusing Dominion to become the main competitive game category, new events and many more.

Watch the vision video below and be sure to follow their Facebook and Twitter for more game updates.


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