Ubisoft has just announced the official launch of Skull and Bones after the rescheduled delay of last year and unveiled the game’s Endgame and Postlaunch plans that will chart a thrilling course for players starting Launch and beyond.

In the endgame of Skull and Bones, players will encounter harder challenges, higher stakes, and shifting alliances that may turn into rivalries. Make the leap from collaborating with Kingpins to becoming their rivals, confronting the dangers inherent in the treacherous pirate life. Take command of The Helm, an unparalleled smuggling colossus, and establish your smuggling empire.

Ubisoft Skull and Bones Open Beta and Year 1 Roadmap trailer 1

Not only that, but Legendary Heists and Hostile Takeovers activities further increase the thrill and add extra twists to empire-building, alongside new end-game features unveiled each season. Also, players can take part in free time-limited events each season together with their friends or fellow pirates and claim treasure troves of loot by completing exclusive community events.

Starting from 8th to 11th February, Skull and Bones Open Beta will be available with cross-play and cross-progression on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, and Windows PC via Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store. Plus, carry-over is also available to allow players to have a head-start when the game officially launches on 16th February.


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