The UltraSharp series is always one of our favorite picks when it comes to Dell monitors and hopefully, the Dell S2718H InfinityEdge HDR monitor we have here will live up to the expectation we have for the series.

Special thanks to Dell Malaysia for sending over the monitor for this review and without any further adieu, let’s move on with the review and see what kind of features we can expect from the S2718H.

Technical Specifications

Dell S2718H InfinityEdge HDR Monitor Review 1


Dell S2718H InfinityEdge HDR Monitor Review 3

If you don’t like those bulky old school design monitors that comes with a thick bezel, the Dell S2718H is the total opposite of that. It comes with a classy appearance and an extremely thin bezel, as what Dell described it as ‘virtually borderless display’.

It makes a pretty good choice for multiple monitors setup even though you can still notice the black lines on the very edge of the display if you take a closer look at it.

Dell S2718H InfinityEdge HDR Monitor Review 5

The thin black lines as mentioned, can be seen on close range. Similar to the thin black lines we’ve seen on some smartphones, it doesn’t really affects the overall experience for most people – people with OCD might find it uncomfortable.

Dell S2718H InfinityEdge HDR Monitor Review 7Dell S2718H InfinityEdge HDR Monitor Review 9

From the side, you can see that the thinness of the S2718H and its surprisingly low footprint. Unlike most standard monitor with gigantic monitor stand that takes up a lot of desk space, the S2718H won’t be taking up too much of your desk space.

Do note that the only adjustment option available is the monitor tilt angle. For those of you who wanted a monitor with height adjustments, 90° rotation or swivel, you might want to opt for other models like the Dell UltraSharp U2718Q instead.

Dell S2718H InfinityEdge HDR Monitor Review 11

To keep the bezel as thin as possible, the control buttons are placed at the bottom right of the S2718H.

Dell S2718H InfinityEdge HDR Monitor Review 13

For the input (starting froom the left), you’ll find the power adapter port, speaker port for the speaker that comes with the monitor, HDMI and VGA port for display, audio line-in port and audio line-out port.

Dell S2718H InfinityEdge HDR Monitor Review 15Dell S2718H InfinityEdge HDR Monitor Review 17

As we mentioned earlier, the adjustment options for the S2718H is very limited and the up-close photo of the monitor stand is pretty much self-explanatory. The gap in between the stand act similar to the hole you’ve seen on most monitor stand nowadays, which is meant for cable management.

Despite the limited adjustment available, the S2718H has its base made entirely out of anti-slip material. This gives it a better grip on smooth surface or desk, much better than most monitor stand that comes only with few dots of anti-slip material.

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Instead of being a chunk of speakers that take up few more inches of your desk space, the included speaker fits just right in the gap of the monitor stand base without appearing as an awkward looking attachment to the S2718H.

Dell S2718H InfinityEdge HDR Monitor Review 23

On the right of the speaker, you’ll find the buttons for volume control. The volume control response is a little slow though, so you might want to lower your volume from the system control before playing any video or music to avoid that mini heart attack.

The On-Screen Display Menu

Dell S2718H InfinityEdge HDR Monitor Review 25Dell S2718H InfinityEdge HDR Monitor Review 27Dell S2718H InfinityEdge HDR Monitor Review 29

Dell S2718H InfinityEdge HDR Monitor Review 31Dell S2718H InfinityEdge HDR Monitor Review 33Dell S2718H InfinityEdge HDR Monitor Review 35

The View Mode

Dell S2718H InfinityEdge HDR Monitor Review 37

Similar to most of the Dell monitors we’ve tried in the past, the view mode comes with the same few preset to match your current activity i.e gaming, watching movies or processing office documents. The extra modes that isn’t available on most standard Dell monitors is the Movie HDR and Game HDR mode.

User Experience

The S2718H shows a very minimal color distortion even viewed from a very sharp angle, which is good. The differences are very noticeable as we gave the HDR mode a try on both movie and games, but we can detect the minimal backlight bleed at the bottom left corner.

The HDR mode will shine more if you’re viewing on scenes or images with bright colors compared to darker ones, but it is advised to switch back to standard mode if you’re viewing office documents such as word, excel, etc. Why is that? The HDR mode will somehow mess up the sharpness and contrast of your office documents because it’s not meant for that purpose. Just so you know.

For gaming, you can make a good use of the AMD FreeSync feature available on the S2718H to minimize screen tearing during games if you’re using an AMD Radeon graphics card. Though, this doesn’t fix the ghosting effect on fast-paced games like first-person shooter games, rhythm games, racing games.

Audio wise, the included speaker is pretty good for general usage, much to our surprise. While we don’t really expect for any kind of superb audio quality from the included speaker here, but the mids and bass are actually noticeable for both movies and gaming, unlike most of the ‘included’ speakers for some monitors.


It’s true that Dell didn’t actually brand the S2718H InfinityEdge HDR monitor as a gaming monitor, but we’d say that it’s actually considered as an entry-level gaming monitor mainly because of the view more and AMD FreeSync features that come all together.

Gamers who have higher requirements such as higher refresh rate and extra USB ports on the monitor will find the S2718H lacking in quite a lot of ways, but the features available on the monitor will still benefit those who use their monitor as a multipurpose monitor for work, movies, and gaming.

At the price of RM1,299, we’d say it’s still a pretty fair deal for the Dell S2718H InfinityEdge HDR monitor, especially for the AMD FreeSync feature that comes along with it.


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Ultra thin / Zero bezel design
  • Lots of presets for various purpose
  • Comes with AMD FreeSync
  • Reasonable HDR mode
  • Very minimal wobble
  • Good viewing angle


  • Limited options for input (only HDMI and VGA)
  • HDR mode makes office document looks odd
  • Noticeable backlight bleeding section
  • Doesn’t handle fast-paced AAA game titles too well

Dell S2718H InfinityEdge HDR Monitor Review 39


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