Synology showcased a slew of solution updates and experimental features at Computex 2023 in Taipei, Taiwan.

AI is the next big thing



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Computex 2023 is all about Artificial Intelligence and Synology is not leaving behind such a huge opportunity. Synology MailPlus and Synology Office are currently experimenting with OpenAI integration that will boost the users’ productivity in writing emails and articles.

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This feature is currently in development and Synology is planning to release it within the second half of 2023.


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The all-in-one surveillance framework assists businesses in implementing a comprehensive monitoring solution. This includes features such as intelligent monitoring, the VMS system Surveillance Station, which simplifies multi-site deployments, and highly scalable storage devices or video wall solutions, addressing common pain points in building surveillance systems.

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Moreover, the recently launched Synology Camera emphasizes high-quality and stable round-the-clock recording. Combined with Synology Surveillance solution, it has built-in AI recognition capabilities to enable the detection of people, vehicles, and spatial intrusion.

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With Instant Search, organizations can quickly review specific areas for people, vehicles, and motion events after an incident occurs. Additionally, organizations can integrate with third-party systems such as facial recognition combined with access control systems or license plate recognition combined with parking fee systems. This allows relevant information to be fed back to Surveillance Station, achieving centralized management objectives.

Data Protection

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The cybersecurity threat is a serious issue for businesses and individuals. The Active Backup for Business suite is a completely free solution which enables the backup of computers, virtual machines, and servers within an organization. It also extends to comprehensive protection for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace SaaS. It features data verification and automatic repair which ensures businesses can quickly and accurately restore their operating systems in the event of a disaster.

Synology C2 encompasses various practical services that meet enterprise security considerations for cloud adoption. This includes C2 Object Storage for object-based storage and C2 Identity, which facilitates identity authentication for IT management teams. Additionally, when organizations use Active Backup for Business and back up to the cloud through C2 Backup, they can effectively achieve the 3-2-1 backup principle.

BeeDrive by Synology

Synology Computex 2023 10

Synology extends its focus beyond enterprise-level requirements and also addresses personal data backup & management needs – introducing the BeeDrive, a product line designed specifically for individual users.

Synology Computex 2023 11

BeeDrive provides a seamless backup process with features like instant plug-and-play and fast file uploads, making it ideal for users with extensive collections of photos and files.


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