Here is Computex 2023, MSI has a booth full of stuff that is very interesting. In this article, we’re going to highlight only two of them.

Here is the video format of this article.

MSI Project 491C QD-OLED

This is a massive 49-inch QD-OLED monitor that has an aspect ratio of 32:9 and a resolution of 5120×1440 at 240Hz refresh rate with a curvature of 1800R. Pretty good curvature, I’d say.

MSI Computex 2023 54

Of course, the main highlight here is the QD-OLED panel. It’s supremely bright as it peaks at 1000 nits brightness. The colors on this display is excellent and since OLED-based panel can control each individual pixel, the HDR performance will be excellent as there will not be any blooming effect due to the lack of backlight zones.

MSI Computex 2023 55

Surprisingly, this monitor also has a slew of ports for you to use with your laptop and gaming desktop at the same time! It has a 65W USB-C port so you can connect everything to your laptop with just one cable, and this monitor does have a KVM to switch between your laptop and your gaming PC.

From what we’ve seen here, the colors do look a lot more vivid than mini LED monitors, like the Odyssey Neo G9 that we’re using at the office.


This case in particular is an interesting one. From the outside, it looks like a typical mid-tower case, but the innards are reimagined in a way that everything is now better.

MSI Computex 2023 21

Firstly, you can fit in a lot of radiators. Double 360mm radiators actually – one at the top, one more at the front. You can even do push-pull configuration for the front too, if you want to. There are plenty of space there.

MSI Computex 2023 23

Then, for the GPU side, MSI reconsidered how cooling should be done for a vertically-mounted GPU. So, they added a tiny fan beside the GPU holder to cool the backplate of the GPU. This is because the backplate oftentimes gets way too hot since the area behind the backplate doesn’t have any air movement for vertically mounted GPUs.

MSI Computex 2023 23

But that’s not all – at the back of the case for the PCI brackets, there are two optional fan mounts here too. You can use then to quickly exhaust air out of the case as well.

MSI Computex 2023 22

By the way, the GPU holder can also be moved around or twisted to the side. Also, that piece of transparent plaque is actually tempered glass – and you can laser-etch your own and swap it to your own design.

MSI Computex 2023 24

If you’re not a fan of the vertically-mounted GPU, then you can pop it out and change to the conventional horizontally-mounted GPU too. Brilliant design!

MSI Computex 2023 25


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