Everyone who built their first PC rig will remember how tough it can be but as we move into the modern era, MSI thinks that some hassle are definitely removable and that’s how they push their EZ DIY design language into its product. They also showed some products at COMPUTEX 2024 so let’s find out.

Computex 2024 MSI DIY 04

Before we get into the products, here’s a simple graphic that helps newcomers to understand what EZ DIY products has to make them truly “EZ” to build and use.

Computex 2024 MSI DIY 10First, we have the Z890 motherboard ready to support Intel’s upcoming Arrow Lake CPUs. It goes the “EZ” route by implementing quick release for the PCIe x16 slot to quickly remove the GPU,

Computex 2024 MSI DIY 12

The screwless M.2 Shield Frozr takes off the shroud easily to access the EZ M.2 Clip II for the NVMe SSD.

Computex 2024 MSI DIY 13

The EZ Antenna literally just require the user to simply plug in the WiFi antenna and voila, it’s done.

Computex 2024 MSI DIY 07

As for PROJECT ZERO, it is actually MSI’s take on the “no cables displayed” meta running around for quite some time. This time, it returns as PROJECT ZERO PLUS that utilizes the new CAMM2 form factor which is the new memory standard directly soldered onto the motherboard, resulting in skipping the user’s need to stick in DIMM RAM while allowing better performance due to stronger and more stable signal.

Each module can do up to 128GB which is already way above the needs of the average consumer but hey, definitely welcomed.

To avoid users randomly trying to screw around and find out where’s the RAM slot, MSI did add a protective shroud over the CAMM2 module for safety.Computex 2024 MSI DIY 01

Lastly, we have the new MSI x Intel collab standards for memory – the Mini_CUDIMM (at least for now). Built for clearing out more motherboard space and has even lower latency than standard DIMMs, it is touted to match the requirements of veteran overclockers, according to the plaque of course.

So yeah, I think that for the ultimate EZ DIY build, an MSI ATX Back-connect motherboard with CAMM2 memory and all the EZ latches/screwless designs is going to help even more user streamline the build process and then enjoy the final build with no cables.


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