FSP, a leading PC component maker, is making a splash at COMPUTEX 2024 with a range of exciting new products for PC enthusiasts. Here’s a breakdown of what they’re showcasing:

New Powerhouse PSUs:

  • VITA Series: Looking for a reliable and budget-friendly power supply? Look no further than the VITA series.These PSUs offer quiet operation, high efficiency (bronze to gold ratings), and long-lasting performance – perfect for basic builds.
Computex 2024 FSP 40
  • ADVAN Series: Gamers and content creators, this one’s for you! The ADVAN series strikes a perfect balance between performance and affordability. Choose from bronze, gold, or platinum efficiency ratings to power your mainstream gaming rig or workstation. Some models even feature a silent fan mode for near-silent operation at low loads.
Computex 2024 FSP 41
  • MEGA Series (New!): Unleash the full potential of your system with the all-new MEGA series PSUs. Designed for power-hungry machines, these PSUs offer wattages ranging from 1000W to a whopping 1650W! Certified for up to Titanium tier efficiency, they deliver top-notch performance and stability.

Next-Level PC Cases:

FSP isn’t just about power; they’ve got style too! Check out their new cases:

  • FSP U700 Workstation Case: This beast is built for serious AI computing. It supports dual power supplies (perfect for powering multiple high-performance processors) and multi-GPU configurations, making it ideal for accelerating AI model training. Paired with the FSP CANNON PRO 2500W power supply, this is a dream team for AI enthusiasts.
  • Gaming PC Cases: For gamers, FSP offers a variety of cases that blend style and functionality. Choose from the U690, M580, or S380 models, all featuring stunning panoramic or three-sided glass designs. But these cases aren’t just lookers – they also boast efficient heat dissipation, support for liquid cooling systems, and easy cable management for a clean and cool gaming experience.

Innovative CPU Cooling Solutions:

Keeping your PC cool is essential, and FSP has a range of new air and liquid CPU coolers to choose from.

  • Air Coolers: The NE5, NP5, ME7, and MP7 air coolers offer excellent heat dissipation with minimal noise, perfect for users who prioritize both performance and quiet operation.
  • Liquid Coolers: For ultimate cooling performance, check out the AE24 and AE36 AIO liquid coolers. Available in 240mm and 360mm sizes, they’re ideal for high-performance CPUs and feature easy-to-install mounting kits.

Whether you’re a casual PC user, a hardcore gamer, or an AI enthusiast, FSP has something to offer. Head over to their booth at COMPUTEX to see these exciting new products for yourself!


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