From PC parts to monitors, there’s another section we gotta talk about for MSI’s COMPUTEX 2024 booting because this is not the end just yet so let’s start.

Computex 2024 MSI GNP 25

Have a hard time designing a new look for your GPU? MSI says it’s time for Gen-AI and they gave us these dragon-themed RTX 40 series cards. This green one is based on the RTX 4090 SUPRIM X.

Computex 2024 MSI GNP 22

Computex 2024 MSI GNP 24

The red plus silver models are the RTX 4060 instead. In general, they are classified under the ‘AI Generated Edition’ so that customers are informed enough to see Gen-AI creating actual commercial value for companies and brands. As for MSI, they just simply 3D printed the elements after being AI-generated.

Computex 2024 MSI GNP 13

For the people who wants to show the power of money in a simple way, the EXPERT FUZION design that combines a blower sitting on top of a built-in radiator (yes, built-in) connected as part of the AIO liquid cooler solution is the answer.

Computex 2024 MSI GNP 20

According to MSI, this model harness the advantages of both cooling methods for the ultimate performance. I guess the “passive offensive” levels of design like aluminum die-casting and copper baseplate are what they are going for.

Computex 2024 MSI GNP 19

Technically, this might not be as long as 3-fan GPUs so it could go into more cases than one expects but I seriously doubt that because of the thickness. It is next level of big.

Computex 2024 MSI GNP 15

On the other side, we have the RTX 4080 SUPER EXPERT FUZION with a little less trigger-happy in terms of looks. The cooling innards are more or less the same though.

Computex 2024 MSI GNP 01

Moving onto storage units, this is the first time we see the DATAMAG portable SSD that magnetically attaches to devices. Compatible with literally anything modern, this could be your go-to storage literally following you everywhere without worrying about cross-platform support.

Computex 2024 MSI GNP 06

If you have your own drive then the DATAVAULT SSD enclosure should be the one. Aside from tough constructions and fast speeds, it actually has Apple Find My support in the event that you lose it. How convenient. (Hey, don’t drop something this important)

Computex 2024 MSI GNP 07

We also have a range of SPATIUM drives with the latest being the M580 and M560 model that runs on PCIe 5.0 or lighting fast transfer speeds of up to 14,100MBps and 12,400MBps read and write. The M580 FROZR even has a heatsink to prevent it from overheating.

Computex 2024 MSI GNP 10

And we didn’t out on the peripherals either. Here we have the new VERSA trio of standard/ELITE/PRO models that fits different categories of gamer.

Computex 2024 MSI GNP 12

The STRIKE PRO Wireless mechanical keyboard features hot-swap sockets for changing switches easily and those red and blues are the MSI SONIC switches. It also has a bunch of hotkeys and a roller for easy media control.

Computex 2024 MSI GNP 08The controller segment sees the FORCE Wireless and FORCE PRO Wireless models. The former is on the cheaper side and comes in this “OEM” look whereas the PRO model is officially Xbox-certified and even has Hall Effect triggers for analog, snappy, and precise inputs at all times.


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