The MSI booth at COMPUTEX 2024 was seriously crowded with everyone trying to take a glimpse at some of the latest stuff so here we are selecting some of the whackiest or most interesting products revealed there.

MEG Series – PSU with RGB / Premium PC Case

Computex 2024 MSI Product 01

First, we have the MEG Ai1600T PCIE5 power supply unit that comes with a thick ARGB LED panel on the side that will definitely add some of that important rainbow ooze within that corner of your system.

It’s superior build quality is guaranteed through the use of titanium that enabled high efficiency and stable power delivery across all situations. Specifically, better power correction is done with SiC-MOSFET with interleaved PFC while the advanced heatsink design quickly removes heat from capacitors.

Computex 2024 MSI Product 03

Each retail unit also comes with two 16-pin PCIe connectors that matches the 12VHPWR standards but I’m not sure why most people need a pair.

Computex 2024 MSI Product 07

And there’s this MEG PC build that features the MEG MAESTRO 700L PZ chassis which is quite crazy thanks to the 1-piece 270-degree tempered glass that allows a panoramic view of the interior to flex all that expensive parts and impressive lightings.

And I know some folks love to put their anime figures or little dolls inside their system for more flair. This is the case to do that with.

Oh yeah before I forget, it is designed to support ATX Back-connect motherboards which is MSI’s own take on the “fully hidden cables” hype going around lately.

MPG Series – AIO Liquid Cooler with big screen / Towering and efficient PC case with fan

Computex 2024 MSI Product 09

Moving onto the MPG series, we selected the MPG CORELIQUID P series of AIO liquid cooler mainly because of the attractive 4.3-inch IPS screen that lets you play almost anything on it.

The design is also made to be quite user-friendly because of the EZ Assembly footprint that allows Intel and AMD CPUs to just use it out of the box with no swapping plus MSI already pre-installed several parts like the radiator and bracket from the get go. The EZ Cable management simplifies everything to just a single cable as well.

Computex 2024 MSI Product 13

Next we have MPG VELOX 300R AIRFLOW PZ WHITE that hots the exclusive 160mm fan with dual layer blades that optimizes airflow through concentration while maintaining stability.

The case comes with a pair of these pre-installed and for AIO liquid coolers support, it can take in dual 360mm on both the front and top side while ATX Back-connect and up to 390mm GPU support are simply the icing on the cake at this point.

Computex 2024 MSI Product 14

And here’s a shot of the case in whole.

MAG Series – AIO Liquid Cooler / New motherboards

Computex 2024 MSI Product 17

For the MAG Series, yes we picked yet another AIO liquid cooler which is the MAG CORELIQUID I360 WHITE that is quite similar to the MPG counterpart before in terms of the core design benefits. The exception is quite obvious here – the CPU block doesn’t have a screen anymore and in its place is a simple Infinity Mirror light-shimmering glass which will be a good choice for those who want to save some buck over something premium.

Computex 2024 MSI Product 19

And thanks to AMD also officially revealing the new X870 and X870E chipset, MSI also followed up with their own offerings. Here we have the MAG X870 TOMAHAWK WIFI and PRO X870-P WIFI that are AMD Ryzen 9000 ready with full priority given to the build quality such as power design and thermal solution. Therefore, every buck you spend on these thing will make your build more better directly.

The new chipset offers lighting fast PCIe 5.0 x4 interface for the fastest PCIe drives in the market right now as well as support for USB-C 40Gbps connection and WiFi 7 wireless. Everything’s going real fast now.


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