World-leading power supply manufacturer – FSP Group is celebrating its 30th year anniversary and announced its entry into the CPU cooler market.

Computex FSP 14

Over at Computex 2023, other than showcasing their all-new power supply products, FSP also showcased the flagship MX09 CPU dual-tower cooler. The MX09 cooler boasts excellent cooling performance and easy installation. FSP foresee this cooler take on the enthusiast PC builder market by storm. Unfortunately due to the limited display sample available at the booth, we were unable to capture more photos of the cooler. We shall wait for the final production of the cooler to be available.

Computex FSP 18

Besides, FSP also introduces three different sizes of all-in-one CPU liquid coolers – AP24, AP36 and AP42. Due to the increased heat output from modern CPUs, we are starting to see more 420mm radiators in the market.

Computex FSP 5

FSP also showcase its brand-new ATX 3.0 and PCIe Gen5 compatible power supply series with a new naming scheme and design.

In addition, we also witnessed the flagship PC case – CUT593, delivered with an exclusive pre-installed cable design to help builders easily create a clean and tidy interior space. FSP is finalising on the package deal for this PC case and they might offer this PC case as a set including a power supply and cooler.



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