We finally have the opportunity to meet with the HAT3300 Plus series hard drives from Synology. It is the long-promised regular class Synology NAS drive media lineup. These drives have been in development for some time and were officially announced in February. They are designed to complement value, prosumer, and SMB NAS hardware, offering light to intermediate-level use.

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Here are some key details about the HAT3300 Plus series hard drives:

  1. Another option from the competitors: Synology aims to position these drives as compared to other popular NAS drives like the WD Red and Seagate IronWolf drives.
  2. Capacities: The drives are available in four different capacities: –
    • 4TB – ~MYR568
    • 6TB- ~MYR968
    • 8TB – ~MYR1,268
    • 12TB – ~MYR1,758
  3. Synology Ecosystem: The HAT3300 Plus series is designed to work seamlessly within the Synology ecosystem. They are optimized for use with Synology NAS hardware and are expected to offer compatibility and performance advantages when used in combination with Synology products. Features such as firmware updates and error handling can be done through the NAS.
  4. One-stop support & warranty: The HAT3300 Plus series is said to include the same support and warranty benefits as the HAT5300 series.

In terms of a direct comparison with previous hard drives in the Synology portfolio, the information provided does not offer specific details. However, it suggests that the HAT 3300 Plus series is a new addition to Synology’s lineup, targeting a specific market segment with light to intermediate storage needs.

ModelHAT3300 Plus
InterfaceSATA 6Gb
RPM5400RPM (7200 on 12TB)
Sector Size512e
Max Transfer Speed (Capacity Dependant)202/240MB/s
Drive SealingAIR/AIR/AIR/Helium
Power Use (Idle)3.96/3.4/3.4/5.07W
Power Use (Active)4.85/5.3/5.3/8.33W
Load/Unload Cycles600K
Workload Rating180TB (Annual)
MTBF (Hrs)1Million
Warranty3 Years

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