LIAN LI has showcased several new products that further expand its portfolio to benefit users down the road.


First, we have the O11 VISION and O11D EVO but let’s talk about the former. The O11 Vision is the product of a special collaboration with PCMR that combines all community feedback into a package that can be loved and accepted by fellow fans.

The 3 sides of tempered glass panels fully show off the internals without frame column obstruction while the top glass panel has a one-way mirror coating for a beautiful reflective effect.

The removable motherboard tray can be further tuned to improve radiator thickness support at the bottom whereas the back side can take in a 240mm unit.

On the other hand, the new O11D EVO RGB has 2 diffused LED strips that wrap along the top and bottom of the case. Additionally, the front/left support column is now removable to make it into the likes of the O111 VISION.

This model supports front mounting of 2x LANCOOL 216 160mm fans while the updated cable management system allows the user to buckle cables at multiple mounting points.


For the big boy, the O11D EVO XL is created to be highly modular and large enough to support E-ATX motherboards and can host the latest high-end hardware, and if needed, it can be configured in reverse mode as well.

The GPU is fun to configure as well since it can be placed in either upright or reverse upright position, in regular or reverse modes while the I/O module can go into different mounting points as well for maximum points in personalized build.

The left support column can also be removed for the unrestricted view as well with a height-adjustable motherboard tray for 3 different cooling configurations that support up to 3x 420 radiators simultaneously.


Still, in the PC case corner, the concept PC case SUP 01 is a special one since it offers a unique cooling capability within such a small footprint.

The layout in which parts go in is a bit different as the GPU is installed upright at the front behind a mesh panel and system fans and radiator support are in a separate chamber at the right side of the case.

With this, airflow is improved for AIO cooling systems without affecting fresh air intake for the GPU. As for design, it has 3 tempered glass panels for the best viewing angles while an L-shaped diffused LED strip follows the top of the PSU shroud.

The package also includes a PCIe 4.0 riser cable with a cover featuring LED lighting, and a mirror above the PSU shroud to create a beautiful reflective effect inside the case.


The next generation AIO liquid cooling comes in the form of the GALAHAD II TRINITY series (Left Picture) with 3 models GALAHAD II TRINITY, GALAHAD II TRINITY SL INF, and GALAHAD II TRINITY PERFORMANCE making into the initial lineup.

The TRINITY series comes with 3 swappable caps for customization of the pump block and 45-degree rotary fittings at the radiator to make tubing orientation much easier. They also come in different sizes which are:

  • GALAHAD II TRINITY – 240mm, 360mm (With pre-installed RGB fans)
  • GALAHAD II TRINITY SL-INF – 240mm, 360mm (pre-installed UNI FAN SL INFINITY fans and controller)
  • GALAHAD PERFORMANCE – 360mm (pre-installed 28mm thick high-performance LCP fans, 32mm thick radiator with double wave fin, 4200RPM pump)

These are slated for global release sometime near the end of June.

On the other hand, the GALAHAD II LCD (Right Picture) hosts a 2.88-inch LCD screen with a 480×480 resolution display at the top of the pump while the sides have 2 aluminum caps featuring edge-diffused LED lighting.

The LCD can play MP4 files, customizable layers, screen capturing, and split screen with 2GB of flash memory allowing MP4 uploading of up to 3 minutes.


As for individual fans, the UNI FAN 2nd Gen TL comes in either the standard or the special LCD version.

The former has edge lighting surrounding the mounting holes at the front and rear while the edges carry an infinity mirror. With LCP blades, these are the first ARGB fan from the brand made from sturdier blade material that allows a 0.7mm gap between the blades and the fan frame.

The FDB motor can do a maximum of 2200RPM and the controller can take up to 10 units at once with the RGB or RPM speed profiles all customizable via the L-Connect app.

The special LCD version is also something innovative as it is the first PC fan that has a screen and yes, it can support GIFs, MP4s, and images in addition to system info.

Equipped with liquid crystal polymer blades, fluid dynamic bearing motor supporting speeds of 300 to 1800RPM, the 0.8mm blade-to-frame gap is practically the same as the standard model.

Each and every unit of the LCD version has an individual IC that allows them to be recognized by the software and be controlled one by one too.


Fans waiting for a motorized standing desk from LIAN LI finally has their dream come true through the DK-07F. The top glass panel has a special sauce that allows it to be switched from transparent to opaque with a press of a button.

It also has push-to-release draws, a cooled cup holder, a USB expansion hub, and a cable organizer – everything you need to cramp your entire system into a setup that will make your friends envy.

Ample cooling support is also present with up to a 360mm/280mm radiator or 3 x 120mm/2 x 140mm fans at the left, up to 2 x 360/280 radiator or 6 x 120mm/ 5 x 140 mm fans at the front, and up to 280 radiators or 2x 120mm/140mm in the middle.

As for those who like monitor arms, there’s a space for you for a single monitor arm.


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