The first day of the Computex 2023 is here and we visited KLEVV’s booth – and they have a lot of interesting things. Particularly, we have two new RAMs and two new SSDs that are interesting.


KLEVV Computex 2023

Starting off with the CRAS V RGB. It is the flagship DDR5 RAM that has up to 8000MT/s for a 2x24GB kit.

KLEVV Computex 2023 17

For this showcase PC, there are 2x24GB CRAS V RGB sticks slotted in and overclocked to 8600MT/s. That is actually insane considering that even we encountered difficulties overclocking DDR5 RAM to 8000MT/s.

KLEVV also showcased a higher RAM capacity for the CRAS V RGB – 48GB per DIMM. This DRAM stick is currently working at 6000MT/s and they’re still working to finalize this particular SKU.

KLEVV Computex 2023 19

KLEVV BOLT V low-profile DDR5 RAM

KLEVV Computex 2023 22

Then next, we have this BOLT V DDR5 RAM which is a low-profile RAM kit. The demo PC has 2x16GB sticks installed and it ran at 6000MT/s on an AMD system. There is no RGB and that makes this RAM perfect for a small form factor minimalist design.

KLEVV Computex 2023 21


And here is KLEVV’s fastest consumer SSD to date – the CRAS 950. This is a PCIe Gen 5×4 NVMe SSD and can go up to 12000MB/s sequential read and 11000MB/s sequential write speeds but of course, I am concerned about the heat produced.

KLEVV Computex 2023 07

And KLEVV thought the same too. From what we’ve been told, there are two versions of the CRAS C950 heatsink in development – one with a thicker heatsink and another with a thinner heatsink. There will be 10% of temperature difference but KLEVV is still undecided on which version to produce. They will probably choose the thicker heatsink though.

KLEVV Computex 2023 14


KLEVV Computex 2023 08

Okay, before you click off, this is not your typical PCIe Gen 4×4 SSD. Look at the sequential read and write speeds – you can get up to 7400MB/s and 6800MB/s respectively. This is a very high-end PCIe Gen 4×4 SSD.

KLEVV Computex 2023 23

Custom PC builds

All of these components that KLEVV highlighted were also integrated into these custom PC builds too. One of those custom PCs is actually inspired by the Overwatch loot box design (RIP Overwatch, it’s better than Overwatch 2) and we have a steampunk-inspired PC mod too.


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