A follow-up announcement to previously canceled dates of COMPUTEX 2020 due to Taiwan locking down the nation, the event will settle down on September 28 – 30 for the time being.

But in order to not clash with InnoVEX which is an event mainly participated by startups, TAITRA, the event hoster decided to combine both of them and run the show together within Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 2. However, it is not received too warmly on either end, as company representatives have voiced out their disappointment and skipping participation is under consideration.

Computex 2020 reschedule

On the issue of when will Taiwan end the national lockdown, it is completely dependent on the government’s stance of evaluating the seriousness of COVID-19 and under what kind of strict terms foreigners must oblige and qualified for if borders are once again reopened. To avoid getting their schedules messed up again, some companies are planning to go digital and live stream product reveals or announcements until the entire outbreak season is over.

The official announcement can be looked up here.

Source: back2gaming, COMPUTEX TAIPEI


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