Since the COVID-19 outbreak started, we’ve seen numerous major tech events of the year getting canceled or postponed as we proceed through the year 2020. With the Taiwanese Government announcing the closure of its borders starting from March 19, it looks like COMPUTEX 2020 too will be postponed, according to Back2Gaming.

Foreigners will be barred from entering Taiwan and all returning natives and arriving travelers are required to be quarantined mandatorily for 2 weeks, a standard procedure and practice that is currently followed by countries and territories affected by the COVID-19 since the widespread.

Ports closed down on Taiwan, delaying COMPUTEX 2020

Looking at how relatively close Taiwan is to China in terms of distance, the Taiwanese Government is indeed very cautious about the spreading of COVID-19 with only 1 recorded death yet they decided to close ports and lock down the nation as of now. Seeing how NVIDIA canceled their GTC Key Note and opted for online streaming, it is expected that pretty much every single international event will get affected and postponed until further notice and many have already suspected the same for the upcoming COMPUTEX 2020 as well.

Perhaps manufacturers and participating brands will release new information about their new and unannounced products due time but through online media as well. Demo videos, technical explanations, live Q&A can all debut their products as effective as sample units.

We will keep you updated about the schedule of COMPUTEX 2020 should there be any official amended dates.

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