Ever since COVID-19 has escalated and became a global pandemic, face masks are a must for protecting yourselves from contracting the virus alongside hand sanitizers and toilet rolls while sales have grown to massive numbers until supply is barely meeting demands. For gaming peripheral giant Razer, however, they have since donated over a million face masks to different countries such as Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and the United States. Meanwhile, their subsidiary Razer Fintech launched a relief fund for partners costing around US$50 million.

Alongside sourcing stocks from other trusted manufacturers, CEO Min-Liang Tan also promised to have their own production line to be operational within a 30-day period, which he announced around last month. Today, they have announced that the fully automated face mask manufacturing line is up and running now where 5 million face masks per month production speed are achievable and possible to scale up even more when necessary. Not to mention it is the 1st full automatic face mask manufacturing line in Singapore too.

The production line is built in accordance with ISO 13485 certified controlled room environment and the masks produced will be certified according to local and international standards so that users are properly shielded against contaminants and reduce the risk of contracting nasty stuff. The initial batches are prioritized towards local Singaporeans first which the confirmed case has been skyrocketed every day so I can see the reasoning behind the move.

I wonder if the face masks will have their logo on it and a possible Razer green color variant will be available in the future as well. Razer Chroma support is fairly welcomed too. RGB all the things – even face masks. It’ll be a fashion accessory soon, I guess.


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