be quiet! has unveiled its latest System Power 10 series power supplies with 450W to 850W for Europe, and the System Power 10 U with 550W to 850W for consumers outside of Europe.

be quiet System Power 10 series PSU 1

All System Power 10/10 U models with up to 750W are certified 80PLUS Bronze and capable of bringing out the optimum potential of any powerful GPU by providing tight voltage regulation with DC-to-DC technology and up to four 6+2 PCI-Express connectors.

The 850W ones, on the other hand, boast a 12V dual-rail and offer an 80PLUS Gold efficiency of up to 93.4% thanks to the LLC+SR topology.

be quiet System Power 10 series PSU 2

Furthermore, these PSUs are equipped with a temperature-controlled 120mm fan that delivers the perfect balance between necessary cooling and optimal quietness. All of the System Power 10 models also feature flat black cables to make component installation easier.

be quiet System Power 10 series PSU featured

Another distinction is that System Power 10 designed for the European market has an operating voltage of 200-240V, whilst the System Power 10 U has a larger operating input voltage range of 100-240V.

On top of that, all these PSUs come with a full 5-year manufacturer’s warranty for extra peace of mind.

Pricing and Availability

The new be quiet! System Power 10 and 10 U are currently available for purchase at the following prices:

  • System Power 10 450W — EUR€49.90
  • System Power 10 550W — EUR€59.90
  • System Power 10 650W — EUR€69.90
  • System Power 10 750W — EUR€79.90
  • System Power 10 850W — EUR€107.90
  • System Power 10 U 550W — USD$55.90
  • System Power 10 U 650W — USD$64.90
  • System Power 10 U 750W — USD$74.90
  • System Power 10 U 850W — USD$109.90

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