Just like many other brands, be quiet! has also hopped on the CES 2024 hype train and showcased its latest products mostly available in white color options; let’s check out the new offerings.

be quiet! product launch CES 2024 1

First up is the Dark Base Pro 901 White, tailored specially for white-color enthusiasts to enhance their dream builds. This case supports 420mm radiators and vertical GPU installation while having touch-sensitive buttons and interchangeable panels to switch between maximum airflow or low-noise operation.

be quiet! product launch CES 2024 2

On the other hand, we have the Dark Base 701 White, which boasts an open mesh design and supports radiators up to 360mm and an inverted motherboard layout. Notably, the new white model is equipped with a non-tinted window and a wider LED diffuser with a frosted effect for improved color brilliance.

be quiet! product launch CES 2024 3

Alongside both the white PC cases are the Silent Wings 4 White and Silent Wings 4 Pro White, which will come in 120mm/140mm and PWM/PWM high-speed versions. It also packs additional radiator mounting corners for a tight air seal and a speed switch with 3 settings to deliver impressive speeds of up to 3000rpm.

be quiet! product launch CES 2024 4

Speaking of fans, a new white variant of Pure Wings 3 was launched to provide white PC build lovers with extra options to add fans to their setup. Similar to the ones above, this fan will be offered in 120mm/140mm and PWM/ PWM high-speed options.

In addition, the brand has released a 12V-2×6/12VHPWR 90° angled cable for easier cable management and higher build flexibility. Rated at 600W, the cable features a single-sleeved design and supports all be quiet! ATX 3.0 and ATX 3.1 PSUs.

As for availability, both the PC cases and Silent Wings 4 White/Silent Wings Pro 4 White will be on the market starting March 2024, whereas the Pure Wings 3 White and 12V-2×6/12VHPWR 90° Cable are expected to be available sometime between this and the next month.


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