Well, good news for all you big fans of white color PC builds, as be quiet! has unveiled two new models in white for its Dark Base Pro 901 White and Dark Base 701 White high-end PC cases.

The Dark Base Pro 901 White comes with a silence-focused design with performance optimization through interchangeable panels for the top and the front of the case. Plus, its detachable bracket with an included fan hub and pogo pin connector enables easy radiator and fan installation. With an inverted layout option, three pre-installed Silent Wings 4 White 140mm PWM fans ensure efficient cooling for users’ systems.

Not only that, the casing also supports various radiator placements, prevents GPU sag, hides cables, and accommodates multiple drives without additional screws. Touch-sensitive buttons on the I/O panel control ARGB lighting, fan settings, and a 15W wireless charger for Qi-enabled devices further enhance functionality, making it an optimal choice for diverse builds.

On the other hand, the Dark Base 701 White prioritizes high airflow and performance with fully perforated mesh panels while accommodating multiple fans or water-cooling setups. It also packs three pre-installed Silent Wings 4 White 140mm PWM fans and ample space for additional cooling.

The sleek aesthetic is complemented by diffused ARGB LED strips, an integrated ARGB and fan hub, and dedicated I/O buttons for easy control. Cable routing channels maintain a tidy interior, and a tempered glass side window showcases PC components.

Pricing and Availability

Backed by a full 3-year warranty, both be quiet! Dark Base Pro 901 White and Dark Base 701 White PC cases will be available for purchase starting from 5th March at a price of USD$299 and USD$239 respectively.


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