be quiet! latest release comes in the form of the new Silent Wings 4 White series of cooling fans that continues its dominance in the low op noise, high cooling performance realm.

be quiet! Silent Wings 4 White Series

These fans feature improved static pressure thanks to a 1.0mm low tip clearance and a funnel-shaped air outlet design and with two different mounting options – vibration-free rubber push-pins or hard plastic screws, you get to decide what’s good for your build.

Available in two sizes, 120mm and 140mm, and two models, PWM and PWM high-speed, these fans offer versatility to suit various system configurations. The PWM model boasts a maximum speed of 1600rpm for 120mm and 1100rpm for 140mm, while the PWM high-speed variant reaches speeds of 2500rpm and 1900rpm, respectively.

Powered by a 6-pole fan motor with 3 phases and fluid dynamic ball bearings, these fans are built to last, with a lifespan of up to 300,000 hours.

For even greater performance, the Pro version offers enhanced speeds of 3000rpm for 120mm and 2400rpm for 140mm. Additionally, the Pro version features a manual switch on the back, allowing users to adjust between Medium, High Speed, and Ultra High-Speed settings.

By the way, all models come equipped with white mesh sleeve cables and motherboard connectors, ensuring a clean and seamless installation.

Price and Availability

The be quiet! Silent Wings 4 series of cooling fans will be made available for purchase starting April 9 at the following price:

  • 120mm PWM / PWM High-Speed @ USD23.90/EUR24.90/GBP21.99
  • 140mm PWM / PWM High-Speed @ USD23.90/EUR25.90/GBP23.99
  • Pro 120mm PWM @ USD31.90/EUR32.90/GBP29.99
  • Pro 140mm PWM @ USD32.90/EUR33.90/GBP30.99

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