COLORFUL has announced the release of the new CVN B650M GAMING FROZEN motherboard for those who just grabbed a piece of the AMD Ryzen 8000G Series APUs.


The CPU in question might be the latest and best bang-for-buck choice for budget machines that play some of the popular and not-so-demanding titles in 1080p medium settings. So to accommodate that, the CVN B650M GAMING FROZEN is here to support that with up-to-date BIOS and stuff so you can just plug in the necessary components, fire it up, and start installing games.

Not only the Ryzen 8000G but also the standard Ryzen 8000 and 7000 series are supported as well as AMD Ryzen AI tech and AVX-512 instructions (Y’all just want those sweet Qbic coins don’t you).

Aside from that, the motherboard houses a 12+1+1 digital power phase design with 55A DrMos and 10K black gold solid capacitors to stream stable current into all components and yes, you can stuff in a Ryzen 9-class CPU if you so desired.

Lastly, the White on Silver camo style pattern will be a great choice for military fans since it is so Arctic-inspired. Meanwhile, the RGB LED-lit CVN logo gives just a hint of rainbow that is controllable via the iGame Center app.

By the way, if you want more M.2 slots then opt for the non-M version of CVN B650 GAMING FROZEN in ATX form factor provided that you’re okay with that size.


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