be quiet! introduces the all new System Power 8: 80PLUS certified and multi-GPU capable entry-level power supplies 1
Glinde, December 1st, 2015 – be quiet!, the market leader in PC power supplies in Germany for nine consecutive years*, introduces the System Power 8 series with 400, 500 and 600 watts. This new model offers proven reliability and an efficiency up to 87 percent according to 80PLUS standard. Thanks to its great price-performance ratio, multi-GPU capability, solid performance and an extensive feature set, this power supply is optimally suited for system integrators.
Best choice for building cost-efficient systems
The System Power 8 offers the best possible price without sacrificing important features. The manufacturer has integrated technology in accordance with the 80PLUS standard, with an efficiency of up to 87 percent. Of course this includes a full suite of top safety protection circuits. In addition, each System Power 8 model meets the ambitious requirements of be quiet!, so the power supply doesn’t just operate with extreme stability, but is also very quiet. The low noise level is achieved with a high-quality 120 millimeter fan.
Reliable performance and multi-GPU capability
A highlight of the new System Power 8 is its reliable performance, which is ensured by two independent 12V-rails and rock-solid voltage stability. The models with 400 and 500 watts are equipped with two PCI-Express connectors while the System Power 8 600W offers even double this number of connectors, ensuring that the new power supply series is also suitable for multi-GPU usage.
Best suited for office and multimedia systems
Due to its outstanding characteristics, the System Power 8 is suitable for quiet office and multimedia systems as well as home theater PCs. It’s also optimally suited for integration in energy efficient entry-level gaming systems. The new power supplies comply with the Intel® C6/C7, ErP and EnergyStar guidelines. Thanks to its efficient technology, these power supplies achieve a low standby drain of less than 0.13 watts. The sleeved black cables give this power supply a high-quality appearance. A 3-year warranty completes the overall package of the new System Power 8 models.
TThe 400, 500 and 600 watts models are available immediately for a suggested retail price of £34.99 /€49.90 (approx. RM 222), £42.99 /€62.90 (approx. RM 273) and £49.99/€72.90 (approx. RM 317). In January 2016, four additional models with 300, 350, 450 and 550 watts will be added as bulk versions. The System Power 8 series is now only available in Europe and Australia with a 230V AC input voltage.

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