Cooler Master reassures its product is free from the recent issue of CPU Cooler damaging Skylake CPU 3
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With the rising number of reports on the recent issue of 3rd Party CPU Coolers damaging the 6th-Gen Intel Skylake CPU, early adopters and those who is planning for an upgrade now finds themselves in trouble to determine the safe 3rd Party CPU Coolers to go for.
There are reports that says the problem of this issue is due to the reduced thickness of the Intel Skylake CPU’s PCB and is suggested that the extra pressure exerted by a number of renown brand will cause the PCB to bend, thus damaging the CPU itself. 
Cooler Master as one of the leading brand in 3rd Party Cooling solutions responded to this issue with the following statements:
” Cooler Master has been at the forefront of Cooling Technology since its inception. With Cooler Master designed heat-sink technology in your coolers, you are getting the best standards of thermal cooler in the world. Every cooler we ship meets Cooler Master’s highest standards for providing incredible performance, regardless of the design or model.
We would like to reaffirm our commitment to all our fans and supporters that you can be rest assured, all air and liquid cooling products from Cooler Master are not affected by the mounting issue.
For a complete list of Cooler Master compatible products for Intel socket LGA 1151, please click here. “

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