Video has long become one of the most used content formats. In 2022, videos made up 85% of Internet traffic, with 55% of users watching online videos daily.

It’s easy to consume and you can do other things while watching something in the background. Video production is also much more effective as you can tell stories via video. So, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Luckily, video software companies also meet these demands and offer video editing tools in many forms. Both pros and beginners can find free video editing tools or paid software with a minimalistic approach or hundreds of features.

In this article, we’re going to discuss video editing software for Windows. We have picked out 8 tools to cater to different needs.

#1 Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio offers video editing tools for users with intermediate editing skills. It’s feature-rich. On top of the basic features, you will also enjoy 8K support, smart object tracking, custom audio noise reduction, face motion tracking with mosaic blur, keyframe controls, animated GIF creation, batch processing, etc.

It all sounds quite complex and high-end but it isn’t all that complex in reality. The editor doesn’t have such a steep learning curve as Adobe or any other professional tool.

You need to make a one-time payment of $59.99 for a standard plan or go for more advanced plans. You can also get an upgrade at any time.

#2 Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is established but always up-to-date video editing software for beginners and intermediate users. You can enjoy 4K video processing, keyframe animation, automatic video creation, special effects, transitions, and great voiceover. It also offers some AI-driven features like background removal and noise reduction so your videos look more interesting, creative, and polished.

Beginners can start with the basics like cutting, trimming, and joining clips and learn from there. You don’t need any learning materials since the software is straightforward and intuitive. Anyone can create a short film or digitalize their family photo collection in no time. However, the editor may not satisfy those who want to create professional videos.

Movavi offers a 7-day free trial and you can upgrade the software to a 1-year subscription (​​$54.95) or a lifetime license ($74.95) afterward.

#3 InVideo

InVideo is a free cloud-based online video editor that lets you create & edit professional-quality videos without needing any special skills or software. It provides a user-friendly interface and a vast library of media assets, making it accessible to beginners and experienced video editors. 

InVideo provides a vast media library with 5000+ templates that are fully customizable with one million+ royalty-free images and video clips that can easily incorporate into videos with a few simple clicks. Additionally, it offers millions of high-quality pictures, videos, music tracks, built-in effects, and filters to enhance the visual appeal of your videos.

InVideo offers free and paid plans ($15/month and $30/month), monthly and annual paid plans unlocking additional features, higher-quality exports, access to premium media content, and priority support. The platform can be used by businesses, marketers, content creators, and individuals who want to create engaging videos for various purposes.

#4 DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a perfect solution for occasional video editors. You will have keyframing, motion tracking, auto beat-sync and reframe numerous video effects, and audio-changing features. One of the prominent features is its speech-to-text and text-to-speech features.

As you can see, it has quite a rich feature set but it also offers an extremely intuitive interface and an affordable price. It’s perfect if you’re starting out or just want to rarely create videos of intermediate quality.

You can use the free version or the Studio version with lifetime upgrades for $295.

#5 VideoProc Vlogger

The name VideoProc Vlogger speaks for itself: it is one of the best video-making tools for vloggers. It offers numerous useful features for pulling together vlogs, especially from action cameras or GoPros. You can benefit from 20-speed presets, a video stabilizer, time-lapse tools, motion simulation, and quick voiceover.

It is a good fit for beginners and intermediate users but pros may want to change to a more professional tool. The software provides access to user guides, community, and customer support.

The tool is free to use.


MAGIX allows you to create different types of videos, from social media vertical videos to 8K movies. It has 1,500 effects, picture-in-picture mode, color correction, video stabilization, shot matches with your favorite movies, and libraries with stock music, photos, and animation.

The learning curve is pretty easy and it’s a perfect solution for enthusiasts.

There is a free trial, after which you can buy monthly standard ($29.99), platinum ($49.99), or suite ($64.49) versions.

#7 Nero

With Nero, you can use the basics or experience more advanced editing features. It helps you to create videos in 4K and 8K and has great features for easy but beautiful slideshows. The software includes such features as music and narrative add-ons, numerous templates and effects, speed modulation, color correction, etc.

You can switch easily between beginner and advanced editing. However, get ready to face a somewhat old-fashioned interface in the software.

You can try Nero Video for free or buy a full package for $55.95.

#8 OpenShot

OpenShot is one of the most popular video editors for beginners that offers cloud storage and is actively used for creating social media videos. It’s pretty basic but has all the features you may need for quick and simple video making: transitions, resizing, clipping, compositing, subtitles, audio editing, effects, templates, etc. The software is easy to learn, the drag-and-drop method doing its magic.

It won’t satisfy advanced users but it’s still good to make a small video for your friends and family or show off your weekend on Instagram.

The tool is open-source and, therefore, free to use.


There is numerous video editing software available to suit both professional creators and those just starting their journey. Experiment and choose the one that best suits your needs. Just make sure to use free trials and see whether you’re comfortable working with the tool before buying a full package.


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