NTT DATA has just announced a collaboration with Microsoft to launch Tsuzumi via the Microsoft Azure AI Models-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform, marking a new milestone in their 25-year partnership focused on pioneering technological solutions for sustainability and innovation.

NTT DATA sustainable Device as a Service featuredDesigned to mitigate environmental and financial challenges often linked to LLMs, Tsuzumi is an LLM with enhanced capabilities in Japanese and English. By optimizing model size without losing performance, Tsuzumi provides the accessibility of advanced AI technologies such as Generative AI to a broader range of users and applications.

Utilizing efficient tunning processes with industry adapters for customized knowledge learning, the highlight of Tsuzumi is definitely its operational adaptability, making it highly relevant and versatile to reduce service provisioning costs.

As for Tsuzumi’s availability, it will first be launched in Japan through the Azure MaaS platform and is set for expansion to other regions. On top of that, there are also planned advancements in multimodality to improve Tsuzumi’s capabilities to tackle the evolving demands of businesses worldwide.


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