Today, Acer Malaysia has officially expanded its line of TravelMate laptops to offer local businesses the most up-to-date devices for embracing the AI era with proper hardware.

Acer New TravelMate Laptops (2)

At the event, a total of 4 models are revealed, namely the standard clamshell TravelMate P2 14/P4 14/P6 14 trio as well as the 360-degree flexible TravelMate P4 Spin.

The new range of laptops carries Intel’s latest NPU-augmented Core series processor to deliver the most efficient AI inferencing capabilities to help boost productivity without drastically draining battery percentage in the case of pure GPU processing.

Acer New TravelMate Laptops (1)

Other than that, Acer also buffed up the TravelMate Sense software in the form of workflow optimization by offering 1 out of 3 pre-defined settings for optimal tasks, a Secure Guard feature for quickly disabling USB devices in case of emergencies, Personal Secure Drive that encrypts and decrypts confidential files, and other basic function like system monitoring and device health checkups.

Not only is the security firm through software and hardware such as TPM, but they are also built with ESG commitments in mind by utilizing recycling materials of plastics and others.

In general, the new TravelMate laptops are more eco-conscious, maintain their signature designs, and comes with the latest and greatest features and processing power to meet today’s demand.

Here’s a quick summary of the specs and price.


TravelMate P2 14TravelMate P4 14 (Spin P4 14)

TravelMate P6 14


Intel Core 5 120U / Core 7 150UIntel Core Ultra 7 155UIntel Core Ultra 7 165H







14-inch 1920×1200

14-inch IPS 1920×1200 (360-degree Support)

14-inch IPS 1920×1200


Windows 11 Pro
PriceRM3,699 (Core 5 120U)

RM4,799 (Core 7 150U)

RM4,799 (P4 14)

RM6,199 (Spin P4 14)

RM7,499 (16GB RAM + Non-Touchscreen)

RM7,999 (32GB RAM + Touchscreen)

Acer Aspire CS272 (3)

They are not done though because they also gave the WFH gang some thought and decided that the market needs the Aspire CS272 smart monitor.

It is a 27-inch IPS display with 1080p resolution and features the ZeroFrame design to look sleek and modern to fit into any home or business setup. There’s a USB port on the back designed to serve an external USB camera through a hot plug-and-play connection, as well as built-in speakers.

And of course, since it is a smart monitor, it is powered by WebOS and you can run some simple functions and apps without requiring a desktop PC or laptop. You can even use it to remotely connect to another system and then work through your day just with the Aspire CS272 alone. This way, you can leave your system powered on somewhere else while you finish up your work, join in some conference calls, and then finish up with some YouTube videos, all without having a PC physically exist in your space.

Oh yes, you may also do screen mirroring through Apple AirPlay and Miracast for quick content sharing from your smartphones, tablets, etc.

It is priced at RM999.


All the Acer TravelMate laptops as well as the Aspire CS272 are available for purchase starting right now via Acer eStore as well as Shopee and Lazada.


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