TerraMaster has launched a brand new Surveillance Manager management tool that allows owners of TerraMaster NAS to set up a smart video surveillance system with ease.

TerraMaster Surveillance Manager 3

The system for one, provides the ability to monitor video streams in real-time plus modify all sorts of rules and thresholds for the alarm to trigger. Once a certain abnormality occurs, the alarm will trigger, sending notifications to IT admins for quick response.

TerraMaster Surveillance Manager 2

Thanks to the central dashboard, management is a breeze as multiple cameras will show up at once with easy addition and removal capabilities at your disposal.

TerraMaster Surveillance Manager 4

Recordings are then stored in the NAS and can be playbacked at any time. IT admins can even set up proper account privileges so that not everyone can just breeze in and take a look at them any time they want.

As for what kind of camera is compatible with the system in case you are interested in setting up one, first, it needs to use the standard ONVIF protocol alongside support for H.264 video encoding + G711/G726/AAC audio encoding.

This is just for the basic video recording function because the cameras you picked should be able to support motion detection, audio detection, interference detection, and more so that events can be triggered properly.

If you need some help choosing the right camera, check out this forum post.


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