At this year Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan 2023, we managed to get some insights on the collaboration between Intel and Hospital Universiti Malaysia Sabah (HUMS) with the help of Ida Zulaika, Public Sector Lead of Intel Malaysia. The goal of this collaboration is to bring suitable AI healthcare solutions that have been tested vigorously by HUMS to Malaysia to further improve the work efficiency of medical professionals.

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for the context, HUMS has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Intel to expand digital pathology initiatives in the country. Aligned with Intel’s Rise Technology Initiative and the 2030 corporate responsibility strategy, the collaboration aims to address challenges through collective efforts.

We’re given a tour at the booth of the products and technology by the Intel partners which HUMS has been collaborating with and some insights on the research they’ve been working on and their thoughts on the technology involved, notably JelloX and Quanta.

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JelloX, a prominent 3D Digital Pathology AI company, has outperformed Intel’s AI training benchmarks with the latest Gaudi-2, hailed by Dr. YY Lin as a cost-effective option. This advance allows JelloX’s pathology stack to run on various Intel platforms, utilizing a common code base through Intel’s One API. Dr. Lin emphasizes the significance of reaching hospitals lacking sophisticated AI infrastructure, reducing entry barriers by enabling AI implementation on existing CPU runtimes in storage servers.

Meanwhile, Quanta Cloud showcases its innovations at the Intel Booth, featuring the Developers Cloud and demonstrating the latest Compute and AI products. The healthcare Expo highlights Quanta’s Medical AI use cases, featuring collaborations with partners like Everfortune AI, AI Labs, and JelloX, engaging in Open Federated Learning, Medical Imaging AI, and Inferencing for AI training.

Professor Dr. Helen, Superintendent of HUMS, emphasizes the importance of Open Federated Learning for cross-collaboration with Kuala Lumpur Hospitals in the realm of Digital Pathology AI. The partnership with JelloX from Taiwan and Qmed from Malaysia within Intel’s ecosystem not only brings technology and technical expertise but also fosters a transformative environment for healthcare in Malaysia, particularly in advancing research in Obstetric-gynecology at HUMS.

Healthcare+ Expo 2023 Intel Booth (25)

We’re also given a quick insight by Professor Dr. Ag. Asri Bin Ag. Ibrahim regarding the plethora of healthcare equipment that is on display. While the majority of the healthcare equipment introduced at the booth is highly innovative, there are still some that might not be suitable for our region due to many factors. So it will still take time for HUMS to inspect and decide which of these healthcare equipment will be the most suitable to be integrated into our local healthcare solutions so we can benefit the most from it.

He stated that the combination of the up-to-date AI models and the technical expertise of medical professionals has greatly improved the diagnosis process and shortened the time required to process the results and identify potential health issues with high accuracy. This enables the patient to have a higher chance of survival and recovery as early detection allows doctors to provide the best treatment for identified health issues in the shortest possible time.


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