TerraMaster has released the new F5-221 Business NAS that is designed to meet the growing needs of SMEs.

TerraMaster F5 221 3

Created to hold a total of 5 bays of mechanical hard disks, the F5-221 can be configured to not only store your precious files and recordings but also hosting services including mail/website/FTP servers, CRM, databases, virtualization, and more. Running a 2GHz Intel dual-core CPU for the best balance between price and performance, the internal RAM supports up to 6GB with the average read and write speeds coming in at 200MBps/190MBps and if needed, it can also be configured to become a media streaming node that provides up to 4K H.264 video transcoding – perfect for home entertainment.

TerraMaster F5 221 2

Keeping your private data safe is the AES + Network Transport Encryption protocols alongside Scheduled and Cloud Drive Backup through the advanced Btrfs file system offering 71,680 system-wide snapshots and 1,024 snapshots per shared folder. The F5-221 can also make collaboration jobs easier by syncing two-way between the NAS and connected computers with a suite of access control features to allow the right people to access the right files.


The TerraMaster F5-221 5-Bay NAS can be acquired through the official website or from partners like Amazon at the price of USD379.99 (~RM1,596.90).


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