Epson Malaysia has partnered up with local NGO EcoKnights to help spread sustainable business practices among the country’s SMEs in a series of educational campaigns and a fundraising event.

Epson x EcoKnights 1

As Malaysia moves towards the goal of becoming a high technology country by 2030, it is crucial to improve the efficiency of utilizing finite resources even though the country is blessed with an abundant volume of them. By taking a zero-waste approach while exploring greener alternatives for everyday consumption, the entire society can function at a more resilient and efficient rate. That’s where Epson’s Heat-Free technology for its printers comes into play with its ability to consume up to 85% less energy than a conventional laser printer and with how many businesses are still running physical copies of documents, filings, and contracts as their main media of storage, the amount of heat generated from loss of energy can really be cut down significantly if deployed at a large scale.

Epson x EcoKnights 2

Aside from promoting its printers and printing technology, as part of the Be Cool campaign, a total of RM20,000 has been raised and donated towards EcoKnights’s Trees of Us initiative with 200 trees given out to communities, schools, and organizations and all of this is possible thanks to the support from purchasing the EcoTank line of printers from March 29 until June 30.


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