Epson has released a couple of new projectors dedicated to businesses that need super high-resolution output for large crowds.

Epson EB L770U 1

The new models are the EB-L770U and EB-L570U created to a variety of aspect ratios from the usual 16:9 and 16:10 to even wide screens 21:9 which is nice to cater to ever-changing seat layouts like outdoor exhibitions.

Both of them are powerful enough to output uncompromised image quality up to 500 inches thanks to the 4K Enhancement technology refining the video input constantly.

The difference between the two models comes down to the maximum brightness where the EB-L770U can go up to 7,000 lumens while the EB-L570U gets 5,200 lumens instead.

With little to no maintenance required up to 20,000 hours of operational time thanks to Epson’s laser light tech, it can keep running for years to come.

Epson EB L770U 3

If needed, the duo can be fitted with external cameras (e.g.. Epson ELPEC01) that can further optimize and calibrate the projector’s settings such as color calibration, geometric correction, and edge blending adjustment.


The Epson EB-L770U and EB-L570U will be made available accordingly within this month. Local availability may be inquired through authorized dealer stores.


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