With cloud services no longer offering free unlimited storage for high-resolution photos, it can be a challenge to continue to reserve these digital prints of memories. But perhaps it won’t be as detrimental, as Synology aims to solve this problem via a one-off product that is as accessible.

As Google Photos started counting towards the 15GB storage quota affixed to free users starting June 1, they will either need to evacuate all the photo files or pay recurring fees so that the stored data are not “held hostage”. Therefore, Synology is taking the chance of showcasing the DS42o+ Network Attached Storage (NAS) to help remedy the situation once and for all.

Synology DiskManager

Made to provide better value than recurring subscription fees at 2TB and above, the DS220+ NAS provides users a high level of data ownership, data protection, and recovery features that match the likes within the industrial level while functioning as a public or private cloud, your choice. Powered by the in-house DiskStation Manager (DSM), it has easy-to-use interfaces and comprehensive levels of controls to help everyone to start storing precious, photos, music, videos, or anything that is deemed important. By the nature of NAS, anyone with proper credentials can access it anywhere, at any time via an Internet connection.

Synology DS220 NAS 2

Specific to the DS220+, it runs a simple and low-power Intel Celeron J4025 dual-core CPU to perform photo indexing and categorization with decent response time but at absolute efficiency. Besides the job of storing files, it can also perform backups so that data loss and scattered files everywhere are not a pattern that you see when using the NAS. To smoothen up the setup process, each time a new device connects with it and given that the permissions are given, file syncing and backup are automatically engaged which is great for everyone in the family or office when the NAS arrives on the premise for the first time.

Be Lucky and Win

Synology is giving everyone a chance to win a free NAS and it is the better model of DS420+ at that! And all you need to do is just sign up and complete this survey launched as a part of the Photo Backup Campaign 2022 event.


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