Big-time storage solutions brand Synology has announced the general availability of the DiskStation Manager (DSM) 7.1 update for everyone running compatible hardware.

Synology DSM 7.1 visual

The major update brings over key improvements toward the overall storage management experience starting with the introduction of the file aggregation portals as it now has SMB DFS capability to let admins link together multiple Synology systems for better accessibility and control while end-users will not need to remember separate addresses anymore. The newly optimized interface will consolidate background tasks automatically to provide a better overview and transparency via the display of multiple different information.

For Synology High Availability clusters, users can now view and manage drives on both systems from a single instance of Storage Manager for easier maintenance and management while as a general thumb rule, random I/O performance has been improved across the board in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Version 7.1 also sees some really good features being added such as the ability to create complete, bare-metal level backups of the entire system by imaging and replicating Synology systems in the case of a total site failure. Powered by Synology Active Backup for Business, one will definitely be in the speed zone when getting struck by something disastrous.

For the list of other notable upgrades, here they are.

  • Active Backup for Business: bandwidth control, expanded monitoring and reporting capabilities, and support for DSM backups
  • Active Insight: centralized login activity and Hyper Backup task status monitoring, plus the ability to update monitored systems in batch
  • Synology C2 Hybrid Share: C2 server-side snapshots in addition to local file- versioning provided by Synology Drive for easier restoration
  • Directory Server: support for read-only domain controllers to improve deployment security and flexibility
  • Synology Drive: expanded indexing capabilities, revamped mobile user experience, and improved monitoring/auditing capabilities
  • MailPlus: Virtual DSM support, expanded management options, importing and migration improvements
  • Virtual Machine Manager: storage I/O performance improvements and QoS capabilities

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